Carolina Reaper Beef Jerky


Plated Carolina reaper jerky on a wooden table, surrounded by decorative bowl, peppers, and rope

Long considered the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper truly lives up to its name in this sweet and spicy jerky. We start with 100% top round beef and marinate it in our signature Teriyaki-style marinade before finishing with dried Carolina Reaper pepper. The result is a tender Carolina Reaper beef jerky that packs a punch but allows you to savor the sweet and savory beef before the peppery kick at the end.

Carolina Reaper Beef Jerky - 16oz
Carolina Reaper Beef Jerky - 8oz
Carolina Reaper Beef Jerky - 4oz

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Carolina Reaper Beef Jerky in a white bowl, surrounded by reaper peppers, a bowl, rope, and a lantern for decoration


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