Find out why our Jerky out ranks out the other guys with one or BOTH of our famous jerky sampler packs. Whether you want to find your favorite flavors or give a unique and tasty gift, the sampler packs are always a hit with our customers!

Each jerky sampler pack comes with 5 different flavors from our original or spicy profiles.

Cowboy’s Roundup Includes:

1-Cowboy Beef Jerky (2 oz bag)

1-Teriyaki Beef Jerky (2 oz bag)

1-Sweet Garlic Beef Jerky (2 oz bag)

1-Hickory Beef Jerky (2 oz bag)

1-Whiskey BBQ Beef Jerky

Rattlesnake’s Bite Includes

1-Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky (2 oz bag)

1-Carolina Reaper Beef Jerky (2 oz bag)

1-Ring of Fire Beef Jerky (2 oz bag)

1-Jalepeno Garlic Beef Jerky (2 oz bag)

1-Whiskey Scorpion BBQ Jerky (2 oz bag)