Do you love our jerkies, sausages, meat snacks, and seasoned salts as much as we do?

Do you want to spread the love and see Big Country Smokehouse products for sale near you?

Become a certified Big Country Smokehouse Reseller

Big Country Smokehouse, LLC, is seeking independent distributors to add to our network around the country. We’ll continue crafting the world’s best meat snacks and seasoned salts, and you’ll grow your own small (or large!) business, conducting in-person sales of your favorite products.

You can choose whether you want to generate independent income part time, full time, or somewhere in between—the income potential is limited only by your availability!

  • This is NOT Multi-level Marketing!
  • This requires business insurance to purchase wholesale.
  • Set your own hours.
Jerky reseller at event

Benefits of Becoming a Big Country Smokehouse Reseller

Becoming a certified Big Country Smokehouse independent distributor is a rewarding process in several ways.

When you start your own business, you’ll experience benefits like:

beef jerky reseller with table full of product

Our independent resellers have found success by selling our products in several locales, including:

  • Business to business
  • Street fairs
  • Trade shows
  • County and state fairs
  • Car shows
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Sporting events, and more!


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No sales experience necessary

You don’t need to attend business school or have dedicated sales experience to succeed. Our branding is already in place, and the products typically sell themselves—all you need is the ability to connect with others and extend a friendly handshake.

Huge income potential

This is the business model Big Country Smokehouse was founded upon. Your income potential is limited only by your time and drive to succeed.

Work at your own pace

Our founder grew his business by visiting a few mid-sized companies with 30-40 people per day. It’s a relatively easy mark to achieve and increase as you become more connected.

Set your schedule

Start your independent distributor business full time, part time, or as a second income. Your sales schedule depends on the commitments you’ve given to the essential things in life (friends, family, health), not the other way around.

No office required

No need to rent office space or set up a storefront. All you need is a small home office and storage space for your Big Country products—the rest is up to your discretion.

Full support available

We’ve been in your shoes, and we’ll offer full support until you’re in ours as the incredibly successful operator of your own business. Whether it’s continued information about our process and products, reselling tips, or something else, we’re here for you.

Extra cash when you need it most

Now is an excellent time to explore your earning potential. With COVID-19 continuing to affect the country, unemployment and layoffs loom for many—securing another way to earn can help provide the stability you need for the future.

Continue the Big Country Smokehouse Tradition

After learning how to craft the best jerkies and meat snacks on either side of the Mississippi, our founder, Larry Cundieff, took to the streets (and the trade shows, and the office buildings). He built the Big Country Smokehouse you know today from the ground up—by asking colleagues, business owners, bankers, dentists, and friends (and people on the street) if they’d like to try his jerkies. With persistence and a knack for relating to others, word about the delicious Big Country Smokehouse products spread, and a business was born.

You, too, can begin a successful business with Big Country Smokehouse products. The branding and excellent product lines are already in place. All you need to do is find individuals who may be in the market for the product, present a brochure and a few samples, and ask if they’d be interested in providing contact information and/or meeting in the future. That’s it!

Big Country Smokehouse independent distributor

How Reselling Works

Becoming a certified Big Country Smokehouse Reseller is relatively simple—you’ll stay in communication with our founder and learn as much as possible about our processes and our products before applying for a business license in your area. Depending on your location, you may need both a state and a local license. You’ll also need to set up a dedicated business banking account and purchase business insurance—an uncomplicated but necessary process to ensure your success.

Once the pieces are in place, you’ll purchase Big Country Smokehouse products at a wholesale price. Then, you’ll be able to visit local businesses, schedule time at trade shows and fairs, or take any other actions you feel may help you spread your love for our products. Depending on your ambition and the time you have available, you can restock at any time, in increments that make sense for you.

Big Country Smokehouse teriyaki sticks

Important points to keep in mind

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  • We’re not an-MLM—becoming a Big Country Smokehouse Reseller is different from signing up to participate in a multi-level-marketing scheme. There are no sales requirements and no restock requirements—you resell Big Country products in your area at your discretion. You grow your own small business in a way that benefits you, not some regional manager or corporation head.
  • You’re not a franchisee—there are no royalties, licensing fees, or franchise fees for you to pay. In return, we won’t force you to sell our product using any pre-formulated tactics, and we won’t force you to wear a cheesy corporate polo in the process. You purchase wholesale and resell Big Country products in the way that works best for you, and you generate income in the name of your own business, not someone else’s.

You get a location guarantee—once you’re a Big Country Smokehouse Reseller in your area, you’ve conclusively established your territory. We will not extend independent distributor privileges to anyone else in your city, town, or region. That means you won’t be competing with a dozen other distributors for the same sales.

Hungry for More?

If you’d like more information about becoming a Big Country Smokehouse Reseller, contact our founder, Larry Cundieff, at

Leave your contact information, and we’ll reach out within 24 hours to discuss the opportunity with you.

Big Country Smokehouse founder - Larry